First Aid for Mental Health Level 2

“The course was very informative and delivered in a professional but relaxed style. Whilst it was delivered virtually for several hours at a time, there were plenty of opportunities for interaction and the time passed very quickly. The session has equipped me well to enable me to recognise symptoms of mental ill health in the workplace and to be able to signpost others to sources of support. The prospect of being assessed at the end of the session was very daunting but the reality was very different. The assessment whilst formal, was delivered in a very relaxed and supportive style and it felt like more of an opportunity to demonstrate what I had learned than an assessment. I would highly recommend this course!”


“Overall I enjoyed the course. It was really insightful and informative and I especially enjoyed the interactive sections and group discussions. Sandra, who delivered the course, was very approachable and had lived in experience on the subject. Her knowledge and passionate for the subject came over really well in the training.”


“The Level 2 MH First Aid course was a good addition to previous MH training. It was great to listen to other people’s views and experiences, particularly in the current climate. It also provided some valuable pointers to use both personally, and in my workplace.” 


“I attended the First Aid Mental Health training course conducted by Mind. I found the course very informative and insightful. The training was very professional and interactive, even via the online platform. We covered clear and relevant topics and we were given relatable everyday examples that could be found in the workplace. The assessment took place a week later, Sandra was very kind and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I feel I learned a lot from both the training course and the assessment. I am very pleased to have achieved my Mental Health First Aid Certificate so that I can help my colleagues through listening, understanding and using my new skills. Thank you Mind!”


“Supporting our staff with their mental health has always been a priority for us, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the number of staff reporting a decline in their mental health has been significantly increased. Undertaking the First Aid Mental Health course couldn’t have been timed better, the knowledge and skills the course provides you with allows you to have those difficult conversations with people and it has given me the confidence knowing I have the skills to help someone who needs help. This is a must have for organisations that are looking to really support their staff’s mental health and is equally useful outside of work too.” 


“I really enjoyed the First aid for mental health course.  I found it interesting and informative and something everyone should have opportunity to attend.  It’s always a positive to raise awareness of mental health issues and how you can best support those around you who may be suffering to get appropriate help.  I think as awareness and understanding improves because of courses like this it will make it easier for people to open up about how they are feeling rather than keep it hidden and pretend all is ok when it may not be” 


“Over the years I’ve attended many mental health first aid courses and have to say, I went onto the December course to refresh my knowledge and was blown away by the delivery and interaction of the materials and discussion techniques used, especially difficult with online delivery. The facilitator used lived experience appropriately, to highlight the learning topic areas which have stuck with me, empowering me to feel more confident around offering basic mental health support. I have already recommended this course to a colleague to support her organisation for staff development”

First Aid for Mental Health Supervisors/Managers Level 3

“I would like to give feedback on my experience whilst attending the Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course run by Simon Richardson via Zoom due to Covid-19. Simon was very professional and made you feel at ease. The course content was easy to follow and the pace of the course just right. Break out rooms were used and we were all able to share experiences and our understanding of the various Mental Health diagnosis and effects of these. All in all the course was well run, very efficient and effective in the delivery style and did what it said on the tin. Simon was able to deliver a good understanding of Mental Health & Wellbeing of today and how this impacts on everyone. I would recommend this course to anyone.


“The course was really easy to enrol onto, and you we able to answer the queries I had by email prior to the course start date. The joining instructions were easy to follow, and were sent out in plenty of time, and included info on the tutor/organisation who were going to be delivering the training so I was able to research this too. There were no issues with the technology during the training, which was delivered via Zoom, and the tutor clearly explained the format of the delivery and how we would be assessed. I would definitely recommend this training, which has given me a much clearer understanding of some relatively common mental health conditions, and definitely given me the confidence to “have that conversation” with someone who may be suffering with mental ill health. It has also prompted me to talk about mental health with employers, to try to raise awareness of what they could do within their workforce to support staff who may be experiencing mental health issues.”

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